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MecaNet provides a way of learning typing with guarantee of success. This owes principally to that it uses the traditional method of the academies.

There started by being practised repetitively movements that combine pulsations of keys up to having them totally assimilated. Later, when skill has been acquired by the fingers it passes to the words and later to the texts.

MecaNet follows this system along twenty lessons that advance progressively in difficulty. They are more that sufficient and surely, if you apply yourself, you will be able to skip someone that different.

For if you are giving your first steps, Mecanet shows a keyboard that helps to place. Every key has a color that corresponds with the finger with the one that must be touched. Hereby, it becomes simpler to follow the electronic blackboard in which there appear the texts and combinations of letters that we must copy.

If we want to do a follow-up of our progresses, it suits to create a user's profile. Hereby we will verify the record of failures, the pulsations per minutes and our improvements in general.

Besides all that, Mecanet relies on timed examinations, games of typing and courses for the numerical keyboard, functions of those who cannot presume many programs.

Undoubtedly it is a question of an excellent program so much to give our first steps with the keyboard like to improve the pulsations per minute.

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Juan Pedro
2009-10-23 23:56:32
Lo descargue solo por curiosidad y los buenos resultados han ido apareciendo progresivamente...
Muy facil de instalar, ademas del hecho de funcionar sin ningun problema en vista 64-bits...
Su instalacion es super sencilla, mejor dicho no se instala, se corre desde la descarga...
Puedes tambien crear varias cuentas para ser usados por diferentes usuarios sin perder la continuidad o la leccion en la que se encuetran... Puedes escoger la leccion en la que deseas iniciar si ya eres un usuario avanzado...
En fin... Me parece un excelente programa...
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