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  • Dream Dictionary 1.0

    'Nerraw Dream Dictionary' is an in depth electronic reference guide to exploring and understanding dreams. The author separates the guide into three main topics including defining your dreams, how to recall your dreams easier by keeping a dream journal with Alconsoft's text editor and a collection of useful information on dreams including Sigmund Freud. This program is not only easy to use but it looks great also. By better understanding your dreams, in turn you will be able to better unders ...

    NerrawSoft | | 7.3MB | 2009-09-16 20:39:43
  • JoomSolo Joomla Standalone Server 2.10a

    JoomSolo is an application for developers that work with Joomla! CMS . It was designed to ease the development of extensions and templates with a fast navigation menu Easy Browser to the most commonly used directories within the Joomla install directory. Depending on which JoomSolo package you choose, you can run Joomla locally on your harddrive ,USB, CD or DVD with the browser and extensions you want without ever having to connect to the internet. So that means no need for ftp or hosting to bui ...

    NerrawSoft | | 52.52MB | 2009-08-31 01:55:22