Version: 2.2
Released: 2011-11-25 09:46:10
Language: English
Platform: Win2000,Win7 x32,WinVista,WinXP
File Size: 3.34MB
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Password manager Cherbox 2.2 Description

Cherbox, a piece of password management software featuring quite convenient automatic password generation function, can be used to manage password information.

Besides as a password manager, Cherbox is also a type of fully functional personal management software. You can manage desktop icons of the operating system, application programs, files, folders, notes, URLs, etc. with it.

Cherbox features:

1) Cherbox provides a function similar to win+r in the Windows Operating System. You can rapidly start an application program, URL or data entry with defined abbreviated characters by pressing the shortcut key CTRL+Q (default, set optionally).

2) Manage your desktop shortcuts.
You can manage them by dragging icons from the operating system desktop to Cherbox, and rapidly starting them up through the software in succession.

3) Manage your files, folders and photos
Cherbox can be used as a virtual desktop when managing your files or folders.

4) Manage URLs
Manage the URL list and rapidly visit it.
You can import bookmarks from the existing browser to Cherbox with the importing function.

In combination with the rapid startup function, you can find this is more convenient and practical than general bookmark management. For instance, you can visit Google by simply inputting such characters as 'g'.

In addition, it provides a distinctive URL capture function: you can automatically capture the URL on the browser by simply clicking and moving the mouse to the address bar of any browser.

5) Manage notes
Cherbox has all required functions as a notes software, such as rich text edit, hyperlink, image support, etc.

6) You can browse information more conveniently with 5 view modes and the additional vertical layout mode!

7) Automatic reminder
It can be used as a piece of reminder software.

8) More
Support path parameters; normally usable if started in removable devices (such as USB); rapidly back up data, etc.

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