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  • Aries Color Scheme Wizard 2.5.1

    Today PC Sentinel Software released version 2.4 of Aries Color Scheme Wizard, a free tool for busy web developers and software engineers. The Wizard allows users to quickly generate dozens of color schemes based on user selected colors, predefined html colors or an uploaded digital image.

    PC Sentinel Software | | 366KB | 2009-11-15 05:09:37
  • FLASHBooks Online Bookstore 2.4.1

    FLASHBooks Online Bookstore, a new and entertaining way to shop for books online. FLASHBooks combines pricing and security with the latest web technology to produce a unique shopping experience.

    PC Sentinel Software | | 366KB | 2009-05-29 03:28:24
  • FREE KEYLOGGER by PC Sentinel Software 2.4.0

    Now with FREE WEB ACCESS to all log files! Easy to use internet monitoring & keylogging software effortlessly records all keystrokes on the PC and helps protect children when they go online and surf the web - and can also be used to keep track of what employees are doing on company computers on company time. Secretly and automatically records keystrokes. The entire application can be password protected to prevent tampering. This incredibly powerful software runs automatically in the backgroun ...

    PC Sentinel Software | | 602KB | 2007-12-21 11:02:22