Version: 1.11
Released: 2009-11-11 18:00:20
Language: English
Platform: Android,BlackBerry,Handheld/Mobile Other,iPhone,iPod,iTouch,Java,Linux,Linux Con
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Interaura Personal Hypnosis Program Feel Sexy. Obtain instant freedom from physical, mental and emotional tensions. Maintain a state of calmness and think clearly while coping with stress. Overcome nervousness before public speaking or exams. Use to counteract anger or frustration. Interaura hypnosis programs can help you experience enhanced mental, physical, and emotional states, by combining video sequence and audio effects with the binaural beats and subconscious affirmations. Specific combinations of audio and video signals, for example, can help individuals achieve laser-like focus and concentration. Depending on the intended goals, music, verbal guidance or subtle sound effects are combined with video sequence to strengthen its effectiveness. Users remain in total control and the hypnosis program impresses positive subliminal messages at the same time. Interaura can assist individuals in achieving and sustaining this highly productive, coherent, brain wave state to make your life successful, to help you in disposal of social habits, fears, fixations and so on. Our specialists can create a Personal Hypnosis Program for you.

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