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  • PG Online Training Software JUNE.2010

    PG e-Training Solution for creating your online learning community. Software provides site owners a convenient opportunity to place Internet courses and tests for remote education in different subjects. You will have ability to manage as many courses as you want and give students access to free courses to demonstrate your system. Software features catalogues of courses, design tests, award certificates, payment systems, rss news; survey, forum, shopping cart and wish list modules. It is a good ...

    Pilot Group Ltd | | 4.94MB | 2010-09-09 21:12:07
  • Ready Mortgage Site Solution 2010

    When you are in Mortgage business, you should have a website. If you run your business offline people do not take you so seriously. If you are available online you will provide your customers with online mortgage quotes and information for a variety of different situations, mortgage calculators to work out how much money they can borrow based on their gross income, and secured loan rate tables to show typical example APR rates. Establishing a web presence is a good way to step ahead of the compe ...

    Pilot Group Ltd | | 4.97MB | 2010-06-28 16:15:40