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  • PlanPoint 2.0

    PlanPoint is a slide scheduling add-on for Microsoft PowerPoint that enables you to display a slide at predefined times only. Create a large presentation with multiple slides. Set the display validity period for each slide and run the ever running slide show. PlanPoint will now control the time restricted slides and make slides visible when specified.

    PresentationPoint | | 2.23MB | 2012-09-07 16:28:58
  • ShowPoint 2.0

    ShowPoint is a tool to enables you to send over a presentation to another computer and start its slide show automatically. ShowPoint will continuously monitor a specified folder on a file server. You can open a presentation from another computer in the network and edit the content.

    PresentationPoint | | 1.13MB | 2012-09-07 15:04:56
  • iPoint server 1.1

    Create video playlists with images, flash, videos and Microsoft PowerPoint files. Play background music with mp3 and wma files. Display a news ticker. Display a television channel or any other video input signal. Streaming video. Schedule playlists for players and group of players in your agenda. Over local network and over internet. Can run as a screensaver. Automatic distribution and synchronization of your files. Real-time information from various data sources like databases by using ...

    PresentationPoint | | 8.4MB | 2012-04-09 20:43:57
  • MessagePoint Free 2.0

    Free PowerPoint screensaver; run a presentation directly as screensaver. No conversion to SCR file needed.

    PresentationPoint | | 9.2MB | 2011-11-08 19:10:55