Version: 1.06
Released: 2012-05-11 04:09:18
Language: English
Platform: Android
File Size: 74KB
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RetroMaze Lite 1.06 Description

RetroMaze Lite is an Android multiplayer shoot-em-up. Play against the cunning AI in single player mode, and then take on family and friends in the multiplayer mode. Drop mines, place walls and collect power ups to outsmart the opponent. RetroMaze will automatically find other players over a local WiFi or Bluetooth network.

When RetroMaze first starts it will shout on the network 'I want to join a game'. If another RetroMaze game is within earshot, then it will respond with 'come join my game'. Local multiplayer games offer a level of player interaction that is not possible over a distant Internet connection. Fast reflexes and the physical presence of other players add a new level of excitement. Up to 8 players can spontaneously join a match.

In true retro style maze objects such as players, teleports, power-ups and bullets are all rendered in glorious text. Power-ups give added abilities including invisibility, temporary immunity to explosions and bullets, and 'walk-thru' maze walls. The 'disguise as wall' power-up offers stealth tactics. The player can blend into the maze background and take any unsuspecting opponent by surprise.

RetroMaze also offers random elements of surprise. The 'big bomb' can change the tactical situation in an instant. To survive the bomb, players must occupy a teleport. When there are less teleports than players or more than one player heads for the same teleport, the game becomes a musical chairs scramble for survival.

The Lite version of RetroMaze is limited to 2 mazes and 10 minute matches. The full version offers unlimited play and over 30 different mazes, each with a unique strategy and game play.

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