Version: 7.2
Released: 2009-12-11 19:14:46
Language: English,Chinese
Platform: WinServer,WinVista,WinXP
File Size: 253.48MB
Price: $0.00

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Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer 7.2 Description

Scrutinizer NetFlow & sFlow Analyzer is a free software application that provides incredibly detailed network utilization information for the hosts and applications using the most bandwidth.

Using Cisco NetFlow Technology and the sFlow standard, Scrutinizer is able to retrieve the traffic details you need and present them in a detailed graphical view. Version 7.2 adds full NetFlow support for Cisco ASA gear, more behavioral analysis gadgets, additional languages and much more.

New in version 7.2:
+ Users can migrate their existing v6 data (contact Plixer for more information)
+ Custom reports beyond 1 minute intervals are now available for Cisco ASA
+ Cisco ASA interfaces are available in the Interface Summary
+ Users can specify on the login page whether to remember login credentials
+ Japanese Documentation is now available
+ German Documentation is now available
+ Each user can specify his/her own look and feel of Scrutinizer
- Fixed geocode lookup from recent Google API changes
+ Can configure interfaces with EGRESS/BOTH in the NetFlow Configuration Wizard
- Fixed issue where users could save the same custom name to multiple IPs
+ There is now a new report type called FLOWS
+ Denika Connections are available from the Mapping Interface
- Fixed formatting issue when viewing AS to AS reports in bi-directional mode
+ A new DDoS Algorithm is available in Flow Analytics
+ And more...

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