Version: 4.80
Released: 2005-02-17 05:00:00
Language: English
Platform: Win95,Win98,Windows2000,WinXP
File Size: 260KB
Price: $0.00

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Ssetup 4.80 Description

General purpose Win95/98 or NT/winXP installation /uninstall utility.
It will check available space on chosen drive, create target directories and copy files to them, create Program group and start target application. Very easy to use.
-creates single file distribution (EXE or ZIP)
-"One button click" automatic Setup generator
-easy and quick configuration / customization for your project
-small Setup.exe file size (50kB for Win3.1x / 150kB for Win95)
-Setup, Uninstall and Setup Design are all contained in a single file
-useful for creating CD-ROM, Internet archive or diskette installations
-program is suitable to install DOS, Win3,1x, Win95/98 or Win XP/ Win2000 applications
-able to uncompress files compressed with Microsoft compress
-Setup program is secure: install information is scrambled and unreadable.
-create multiple target sub directories and copy files in them
-split to multiple source media
-option to put main application icon on Windows desktop
-insert your own picture logo, choose form color
-add your (c) copyright information and logo in the Setup window (for registered users)
-freeware version is not crippled or limited in any way
-uninstall through Windows Settings/Control Panel/Add-Remove Programs

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