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  • Test Preparation Secrets 1.0

    Test Preparation Secrets is your complete guide to increasing your score on any type of test. Strategies for every type of test - including, Multiple choice tests, Short Answer tests, Math tests, Essay tests, Open Book tests, Number Problem Tests, Short Answer/Fill in the Blank tests, True False tests, Verbal Analogies tests, Vocabulary test, and reading comprehension tests. Includes The Ultimate Guide to Multiple Choice - a 100 page guide to multiple choice strategy with practice question ...

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  • Multiple Choice Secrets 1

    Learn and practice multiple choice strategies for increasing your score on any multiple choice exam. Here are 15 strategies for answering multiple choice questions on ANY subject. Includes practice questions for each strategy. The Full Version includes over 100 pages of Multiple Choice strategies, tips, secrets, all fully explained with practice questions for each strategy. Simple, step-by-step, easy to follow explanations.

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