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  • VNC Fast 01.00

    VNC Fast is a utility for installing and launching the VNC Server to connect to a VNC Viewer running in Listening mode. Configuration is downloaded from an XML file to connect from behind firewalls. An easy VNC Manager for end users.

    The Data Furnace Pty Ltd | | 2.38MB | 2006-01-24 05:00:00
  • Sayz Me 0.51

    Sayz Me is a text-to-speech application for Windows. Text can be typed in or read from clipboard. Words are highlighted when spoken. Select voice, adjust reading speed, voice pitch, font and color. Hides in system tray. Simple and easy to use. Freeware. BSD style license.

    The Data Furnace Pty Ltd | | 2.3GB | 2005-12-23 05:00:00