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  • Redimensionneur

    With this utility you can resize many photos with a few minor adjustments. You can also add a watermark completely customizable and create thumbnails at the same time. Ideal if you have any photo galleries to put on internet. You can also change their format and more ... No installation required, download and run it that's all. | | 1.31MB | 2012-05-02 10:24:05
  • My Club

    You have a club, association, a small business? This software lets you create and manage a list of clients, members. To create and manage membership, loyalty cards. To create and manage quotes, invoices, ... With its advanced planning system for multiple uses, manage the time of your members, employees becomes easier. Available completely free, simple registration on this site for obtain licenses for all yours computer, renewable without limit. Participate in its development, suggest improveme ...

    TOUTENVRAC.ORG | | 17.37MB | 2011-11-02 18:23:01