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  • Foto2Avi 4.0

    Foto2Avi is a freeware basic video/photo converter to avi/mpeg/flv. It is an video editor too. Has special effects like ... Transitions (Flippage,Swirl...) Basic Effects (Brightness/Noise/Fade in/Fade out) Advanced Effects (Distort, Ripple) Animations Subtitles Logos Any of these effects is highy customizable ! You have thousands of effecs right out of the box ! The only limit is your imagination... It support external audio sounds [mp3/ogg/wav] Foto2avi can trim audio video streams with milise ...

    Trust Fm | | 16.57MB | 2012-05-03 17:55:26
  • Avi2Dvd 0.6.4

    About : Avi2Dvd is a GUI in order to convert with just one click an Avi/Ogm/Mkv/Dvd to Dvd/Svcd/Vcd. This utility uses only freeware software . Supports : 1 VideoStream 1 AudioStream 3 Subtitle Streams (in dvd mode) Usage : 1) Just load your avi/mkv/ogm (avi mode) or load ifo (dvd mode). 2) Choose your Audiostream. 3) Choose your output type (dvd/svcd/vcd). 4) Pick your favorite encoder (Quenc / FreeEnc / NuEnc / CCE if you own it !!!). 5) Load your Textual Subtitle. 6) Press GO !!! 7) Burn th ...

    Trust Fm | | 35.48MB | 2012-05-03 17:21:14
  • AviSub 2.3

    AviSub is a freeware tool that can mux up to three [srt/sub/txt(microdvd) or vobsubs] subtitle streams on an avi file. Generates an *.divx file with embed xsubs. Uses the latest tecnology of the divx6 codec. You can watch yours divx films with subtitles on your divx6 compatible hardware player ! The operation takes only 5 minutes !!! Usage : 1) Load your avi. 2) Just load your srt. At this time the program looks the width of every textual subtitle in order to fit it on the video screen. 3) If t ...

    Trust Fm | | 1.75MB | 2012-04-10 14:06:20
  • Screen2Avi 1.1

    About : Screen2Avi is a free screen capturer capable to produce screencasts and screenshots from your desktop. Comes with two flavours installable and portable. Produces excellent quality captured screencasts with no effort at all.

    Trust Fm | | 621KB | 2012-04-09 13:04:20
  • Contact Contacts 1.0

    Contact Contacts is a free secure organizer that supports bulk emails and SMS. All data is stored securely into an encrypted database. The program sensitive settings are also encrypted. You can easily create categories (groups of contacts), search, import/export contacts, send bulk SMS and emails. Contact Contacts is completely portable.

    Trust Fm | ... | 1.92MB | 2011-09-08 05:08:56
  • Folder2Iso 1.7

    About : Folder2Iso just creates an iso from any kind of folder (with the subfolders). Its a GUI of mkisofs. No need of installation , really small exe. Some of you can say : "What is the point of this tool? Seems useless." Well dvddecrypter/imgburn can burn cd/dvd for free so if you make an iso easily you can burn your movies on cds/dvd for free. It is also usefull for the dvd2avi guide ... So : dvddecrypter/imgburn + Folder2Iso combine an totaly freeware burning kit for all kinds of avi/ogm/mkv ...

    Trust Fm | | 1.46MB | 2011-05-27 04:03:20
  • Txt2VobSub 2.7

    About : Txt2VobSub is a GUI for Son2VobSub. Since the son format is rather rare and the srt/sub format is the textual standard format , this tool with only one step converts textual subtitles to VobSub (sub/idx). Usage : 1) Just load your srt. At this time the program looks the width of every textual subtitle in order to fit it on the video screen. 2) If the srt loads correctly then choose the correct fps and press Generate VobSub. Otherwise try to edit the srt or just pick a smaller font. *Tip ...

    Trust Fm | | 1.57MB | 2007-07-01 21:32:55
  • Txt2Sup 42.4

    About : Txt2Sup converts with one click an srt / txt,sub (microdvd) subtitle at a sup file. The sup files can be used with ifoedit ( in order to add extra subtitles in a dvd by using the method of reauthor. Scope : Add an extra textual subtitle on a dvd. Usage : 1) Just load you Original Dvd Ifo file ex : VTS_01_0.IFO then the program automatically will read the right color pallette and pick the better colors for your sup file. If you dont have an ifo file just check the associ ...

    Trust Fm | | 1.25MB | 2007-07-01 14:04:56
  • VobsubMuxer 1.2

    obSubMuxer can join more than one languages on one single vobsub file (idx/sub). Vobsub files, generated by the extracion of the dvd, can contain more than one language streams. So if you rip an dvd on your computer, the extracted idx/sub package may contain more than one languages in one file[sub/idx]. This is an really good solution if you want to watch your film (test.avi) with all the supported languages that where on dvd (test.sub/test.idx). This option is not possible instead if you have m ...

    Trust Fm | | 315KB | 2007-07-01 05:48:52
  • Peercast2Html 2.1

    Peercast2Html is an html pubblisher of your live broadcasting peercast streams. It is indispensable tool for the radio broadcasters. Supports up to four live streams. You can interact with your listeners, since offers real time publishing comments. This utility is 100% freeware.

    Trust Fm | | 387KB | 2007-06-30 21:44:33