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  • Streamosaur

    Streamosaur is a free mp3 recorder and can record direct to disk from any audio source: soundcard input, microphone, streamed audio, skype.

    Wavosaur team | | 20KB | 2008-11-25 06:14:34
  • Wavosaur free audio editor

    Wavosaur is a free audio editor. It has the standard and advanced features for editing your digital audio files. Wavosaur can work with ASIO drivers for optimal performance, you can do audio routing, import wav, aiff, iff, mp3, AKAI S1000, vox, multichannel wav and raw binary files. General features: - accurate visualization, fast and easy zoom, easy to use and clean interface - play, record, pause, fast forward and rewind, real time resampling - cut, copy, paste, insert, replace, mix, trim/cr ...

    Wavosaur team | | 376KB | 2007-03-06 05:00:00