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  • Visifire 1.0.14

    Visifire is a set of open source data visualization components - powered by Microsoft Silverlight. With Visifire you can create and embed visually stunning animated Silverlight Charts within minutes. Visifire is easy to use and independent of the server side technology. It can be used with ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JSP, ColdFusion, Ruby on Rails or just simple HTML. Visifire's unique features are:- * Visually Stunning Animated Charts * Embed into any web page in minutes * Open Source / F ...

    Webyog Softworks Private Limited | | 137KB | 2008-07-09 07:28:00
  • SQLyog MySQL GUI 6.56

    SQLyog is an easy to use, compact and very fast graphical tool to manage your MySQL database anywhere in the world. SQLyog is a tool that allows you manage MySQL database. Salient Features :- * Complete Unicode/UTF8 Support * Developer / User Productivity * Favorites Manager * HTML Schema Documentation * Shortcuts to generate SQL DML statements from schema definition * Creating/Dropping/Altering tables * Multi-tab Query Editor and Result-set Editor * Multiple Query Execution * Multi-thr ...

    Webyog Softworks Private Limited | | 6.67MB | 2008-07-09 06:09:57