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FREE DiceLock Security JDiceChecker Java .jar library.
Linux installer program.
If in your process or software applications you have need for random number streams and you want to check that the input or output random stream is really at random, you can incorporate JDiceChecker library in your Java applications to be sure that the random streams are at random.
Incorporate random number tests in your applications. The Java .jar library contains classes implementing Frequency Test, Block Frequency Test, Cumulative Sum Forward Test, Cumulative Sum Reverse Test, Runs Test, Longest Run Of Ones Test, Rank Test, Universal Test, Approximate Entropy Test, Serial Test, Discrete Fourier Transform Test.
JDiceChecker is able to share the data with JHashDigester hash algorithm product.

JDiceChecker.jar can be copied to [PATH_TO_JAVA]/jre/lib/ext/ to be used as an extension library to be used by any Java application.

Unpack JDiceChecker.tar.gz to any folder you like.

Source Code:
Java source code and JDeveloper projects available at:

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