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Released: 2011-10-06 00:07:37
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SortedArrayList 1.3 Description

This is a pair of library classes to include in your own
code for manipulating ArrayLists.

It consist of two classes: SortedArrayList and Merge.

SortedArrayList is an ArrayList that remembers how it is
sorted, so that if you ask it to sort, it can sometimes
bypass the work when it is already in order. You declare the
order you want and it keeps the list sorted, You just call
sort whenever you need the list to be in perfect order. It
may or may not actually sort the list at that time. It
automatically avoids physically sorting when it does not
really have to.

Merge lets you merge/prune two SortedArrayLists in any of 32
different ways, e.g. union, intersection, update... It also
lets you dedup and prune individual SortedArrayLists.

They are used extensively as part the replicatorsender
package. Having an look at that code may give you a more
realistic view of what they can do.

To use them, have a look at the source code and the sample
drivers. They don't do anything useful standalone. You must
incorporate them into your own code.

Why the spectrum icon? It represent the colours of light
sorted in order by wavelength.

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