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  • Reportizer Viewer 4.0

    Reportizer Viewer is a free database reporting utility. It allows previewing, printing, or exporting database reports, created in Database Tour Pro or Reportizer. Works with relational databases (via ADO or BDE) and with file system. Reports can be exported to HTML, XLS, TXT, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or STT (static report) file. The most important operations can be performed via command line. Can be integrated into shell context menu of folder to enable to print the list of files.

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 1.14MB | 2012-05-01 21:00:40
  • Exportizer 5.14

    Exportizer is a free database export tool. It allows to export data to file, clipboard, or printer. Exportizer works via BDE or ADO. It can convert DB, DBF, text, CSV to text, CSV, XLS, RTF, XML, HTML, DBF, INSERT statements. Many export options ensure full control over output. There is an ability to specify the source-to-target field mappings. Export operations can be performed either via the program interface or via command line with large number of parameters. You can easily generate needed c ...

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 1.25MB | 2012-03-18 21:47:42
  • Icons from File 5.02

    Icons from File is a free tool for extracting icons or icon arrays from files (EXE, DLL, OCX etc.) with the ability to scan folders and search for EXE, DLL, and OCX files, which contain icons. Extracted icons can be saved (exported) to file - all or selected icon to ICO, BMP, JPEG, or EMF files and all icons as one picture to BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, or EMF file. There is an ability to extract and save all icons from all selected files in a step. Also, all icons from the selected file can be exporte ...

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 879KB | 2011-10-14 23:04:23
  • Hanoi Towers 1.0

    Simple logical game. It is just another implemetation of the well-known Hanoi Towers game. The goal is to move all bricks from the left position to the right position, using the middle one as intermediate. You may only put a smaller brick onto a bigger one, not vice versa. It is not very exciting game, but it is sometimes useful to train your mind.

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 99KB | 2011-03-27 06:10:56
  • Free Renju 5.03

    Free Renju is a logical board game. It implements two variations of the well known Japanese board game (Renju-Gomoku family): Free Renju and Gomoku. Main features are: - 4 levels of complexity. - Ability to print position and list of moves. - Ability to save moves to file. - Ability to load position from file or manually. - Includes demo game. - Customized colors of stones.

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 404KB | 2011-03-10 07:38:57
  • Logical Crossroads 1.52

    Set of logical games. Includes: - Free Renju. Logical game, a variation of the well known Japanese board game (Renju-Gomoku family) with a lot of various features: 4 levels of complexity. Ability to print position and list of moves. Ability to save position to file. Loading position from file or manually. Customized colors of stones. Demo game included. - Bulls and Cows. The goal is to guess a number for minimal time and number of attempts. - Hanoi Tower. The goal is to move bricks from one po ...

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 522KB | 2010-11-12 00:09:34
  • Flying Cube 2.0

    Simple screen saver. Mathematic transformations of the flying figure with color flowing. Several options to change the visual effects (phantom, speed etc.). Preview and test mode support.

    Vitaliy Levchenko | | 422KB | 2006-05-22 04:00:00